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MWS 9-5

MWS 9-5 Weather station with 7 sensors (incl. precipitation and global radiation) and datalogger

measures temperature, relative humidity (also as dewpoint), barometric pressure, wind speed, wind direction, wind peak, average wind, windchill, prevalent wind speed, global radiation (solar energy) and precipitation. An optional heating is for operation for all seasons (snow and ice). A UV-sensor and leaf moisture sensor can be integrated at our site. The high quality steel housing holds all the sensors and the complete evaluation electronics. There are three analog inputs for connecting further thermometers or pyranometers (voltages between 0 and 4.095 Volt). The weather station stores all these values with its data logger so that they can be retrieved at any time. Data are transmitted via digital, serial interfaces (RS232; RS422 or USB are options). The weather station can be expanded with WLAN or GSM-module for long-distance data transmission. With a REINHARDT-TCP/IP-module data transmission is available via an existing network.
Its comfortable menu-driven software can be used with MS WINDOWS® (from versions 2000, NT, XP, VISTA to 7). Versions for WINDOWS® 3x or MS DOS® are still available. Load our brochure under emwpro.pdf for more information about the weather station and the software. Load the manual of the weather software under weather32.pdf. Connection with one 4wire connection in a plug and play procedure.
For technical data please see our specifications. You will find the manual under mws9-5e.pdf.


* All prices are valid in Germany and the European Community and are without taxes, transport and packing. IE & OE – Specifications subject to change without prior notice.


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