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Manual Exchange Fixture Type 147

1.960,00 EUR (Net)*

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for up to 800 contact pins, working area 360 x 230 mm

  • Dimensions: 44 x 42 x 23 cm (w, d, h), weight: 12 kg
  • Working area 360 x 230 mm
  • Max. 800 spring contact pins
  • Contacting from top and bottom with optional upper exchange plate SMT
  • Dual-stage contacting – optional
  • Also for double-sided loaded PCBs
  • Exchange retention box with 15 retention pins, adjusted as needed
  • Power stop for softened closing
  • Very long durability
  • Little operation force
  • High quality ball bearings at the fulcrums
  • Ergonomic

This universal manual test fixture for electronic PCBs offers a large working area, a lot of space inside for special fittings and very low repeat cost for further types of PCBs. This fixture is designed for max. 800 spring contact pins and is operated with one hand. In 1 minute the fixture is modified for a new type of PCB.
As we think ergonomics very important we use a lid which opens very wide so that the test item can be inserted and removed very fast and comfortably. This results in short handling times and little fatigue of the operator. In the final stage when parallelism is important, a sophisticated kinematics ensures that the retention box with its retention pins presses the test item down with 100 % parallelism. The high-quality ball bearings grant a long-lasting use free of maintenance. One million and more contactings are common. A little maintenance work ensures further millions of contacting.

Working Method
The test item is contacted by the spring contacts on the plate (8 mm thick). It is very important that the test item is guided with precision guiding (e.g. REINHARDT-reference pin type 3). When inserted, the test item is only a little above the spring contact pins. When the lever of the retention lid is pulled down, the retention pins press the test item onto the bed-of-nails. Now the spring contacts contact e.g. test pads, solder joints or vias without solder resist coating.

Bed-of-Nails – Exchange Plate
Our exchange plates (bed of nails) are drawers. The basic fixture is connected to the exchange plate by plugging a number of 64-/96-way multi-way connectors once. This is why the times for changing component types are very short (typically 1 minute).

Retention Box
The basic version of a fixture comes with an exchangeable box with 15 retention pins. With knurled screws, both the retention pins and the receiver rails of the retention box can be adjusted as required by the resp. item to be tested. You therefore only buy the box once – this reduces your testing cost.
Additional retention boxes (options) which can be exchanged fast and comfortably if you use them for a special test item and do not want to adjust the retention pins especially for this test item. The upper exchange plate is only inserted and can easily be changed for an optional box for solder defects or polarity test.

Contacting from Top and Bottom
For contacting from top and bottom, an optional upper plate with contact pins from above and pin-polarity test probes can be used instead of the retention box. REINHARDT-fixture systems are highly parallel. This is important for contacting the electronic PCBs precisely from top and bottom.

Fixture Type 147 comes with a closed metal housing with an SR08VG-interface on the rear. Different multi-way connectors of the  DIN 41612 series can be plugged into this interface, i. e. you can use high-voltage connectors or connectors with high-current contacts or HF-contacts. 4 64-way multi-way connectors DIN41612 are standard equipment of the SR08VG-interface.

* All prices are valid in Germany and the European Community and are without taxes, transport and packing. IE & OE – Specifications subject to change without prior notice.


Neue Generation Multifunktionstestsystem für Incircuit- und Funktionstest von elektronischen Flachbaugruppen, Modulen und Geräten

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Neue Generation Multifunktionstestsystem für Incircuit- und Funktionstest von elektronischen Flachbaugruppen, Modulen und Geräten

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