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Incircuit and Functional Test System ATS-SMFT 680

ATS-SMFT 680 is a combined InCircuit and Functional test system ATS-SMFT 680 comes in a 19 "-cabinet. Even in its basic version, it offers a lot of test capabilities for complex electronic PCBs and devices.

The 19"-cabinet is 180 cm high and offers a lot of room for expansions such as power electronics for testing inverters, machine controls etc. The test system has a transparent WINDOWS 7/8/10®-based menu-driven software with automatic program generation, CAD data import, statistics and autolearn for both InCircuit- and Functional test, high test accuracy and high test speed. The unit is known for low follow-up costs and extreme reliability.

In its basic version it comes with:
  • 1 combined measuring unit with 16 bit resolution for InCircuit measuring of pin contact, short circuit, isolation, IC- and transistor rotation, resistance, capacitance, inductance, diodes and zener diodes, power diodes and in Functional test for measuring DC and AC voltage, peak voltage up to 100 kHz, with time- and frequency measuring unit with 31 bit resolution from mHz to 20 MHz, periods, pulse widths, rise and fall times, events, pulse ratio and delay, phase measurement, distortion factor, Fourier analysis, transient recorder
  • 6 Fixed voltages +5 V, -5 V, +15 V, -15 V, +40 V, -40 V
  • 2 Programmable twin PSUs with 4 output voltages, 0 to +38 V and 0 to -38 V, resolution 10 mV, 1 A
  • 2 2/4Quadrant Precision PSUs, 16 Bit, 0 to +38 V max. 500 mA, and 0 to -38 V resp., programmable in 1 mV-steps, current programmable in 10 µA-steps from 30-500 mA
  • 1 Programmable sine- and squarewave generator, 0 Hz to 150 kHz, 0 to 25.5 Vpp, 1 A
  • 1 Electronic load, 5.1 A, 60 V
  • 72 Stimulus matrix 48 channels, 18 bus systems
  • 512 InCircuit-functional measuring channels and guard channels, max. 2,720 / 4,160 channels
  • 32 Bi-directional logic channels, 3.3 V or 5 V
  • 1 Current monitor board
  • Inline control
  • Fixture control
  • Various interfaces
        ◦    USB 5 V, 500 mA, 480 MHz
        ◦    SPI 2.5 kHz to 10 MHz, 1.8 V to 5 V
        ◦    2x I2C-Bus 56 kHz to 1 MHz
        ◦    2x RS232-interface ±5 V / 5 V, 300 kHz to 10 MHz
        ◦    422/485-interface ±5 V / 5 V, 300 kHz to 10 MHz
        ◦    Robotbyte 16 bi-directional, 1.8 V to 5 V, ca. 5 kHz
  • Start/Stop module
  • Test fixture Type 62L

ATS-SMFT 680 can be expanded to a maximum 2,720 channels, with additional racks up to 4,160 channels. The unit can be expanded with SMT solder defect and polarity test of electrolytic and Tantal capacitors. There is also a diagnose and calibration module for controlling the measuring devices according to ISO 9000. You will find more detailed information on additional hardware under Additional Hardware for ATS-KMFT 470/670. A number of different bus systems such as e.g. CAN-bus, Profibus, K-Bus, E-Bus etc. can be integrated at any time. It is also possible to integrate Boundary Scan. You will get more detailed information about additional power electronics for our test systems if you click on Power Electronics. Details about additional software for our test systems are given under Software- Modules.

* All prices are valid in Germany and the European Community and are without taxes, transport and packing. IE & OE – Specifications subject to change without prior notice.


Neue Generation Multifunktionstestsystem für Incircuit- und Funktionstest von elektronischen Flachbaugruppen, Modulen und Geräten

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Neue Generation Multifunktionstestsystem für Incircuit- und Funktionstest von elektronischen Flachbaugruppen, Modulen und Geräten

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